Since 1996
Helping pain relief in China

Who is Lotus Healthcare

Lotus Healthcare Pte. Ltd., is a major player in the China pain medication market. For more than 20 years the Lotus Healthcare Group has successfully introduced opiate analgesic medicines and novel generic pharmaceutical products into the China market. A private company, the investors are an Anglo-US group of former Johnson and Johnson pharmaceutical executives with a vast China investment and operational management experience. The mission was to bring modern pain relief the people of China in a segment of the pharmaceutical market previously underserved.

Weihai Lotus Pharmaceuticals Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of Lotus Healthcare Pte. Ltd., and is situated in Weihai City, Shandong, China. Weihai Lotus has registered, manufactures and markets Galake® a mild to moderate analgesic tablet containing dihydrocodeine and paracetamol and Lutilium® a gastro kinetic containing domperidone. The Company has a pipeline of novel products under development in its labs and partner development companies and is seeking to acquire other products.

The China Company commenced operations in 1999 as a Joint Venture and through acquisition of equity was converted into a wholly owned subsidiary of Lotus Healthcare Inc., in 2005. The company currently has a sales force of 65 professional representatives selling into over 1,000 hospitals in 25 Provinces throughout China and retains a trained production and laboratory staff. Weihai Lotus also uses an experienced network of independent sales agents in selected areas of the country.

Weihai Lotus also has a growing business of importing narcotic API’s such as dihydrocodeine, morphine, oxycodone and hydrocodone from Europe and the US which it uses for its own production and sells to Government licensed formulation companies all over China. A first such company in China. In successfully applying for these unique import licenses, the company has built a proven capability of registering narcotic products and in doing so, has developed an excellent professional working relationship with the China Food and Drug Administration.

Weihai Lotus was one of the very firs

t to be certified by the CFDA as cGMP compliant. Certification being valid for five years the company has since successfully undergone three further inspections. The Weihai site occupies an area of four acres and includes pharmaceutical production, office buildings, warehousing and analytical and product development laboratories with a total built up area of 13,000 m². By carefully selecting locally produced equipment and importing some of the main production equipment the right blend of cost containment, high product quality and reliability has been achieved.